The Buhai-KAMALAYAN is the CES program component that focuses on providing the community support educational activities on the aspect of functionality and social advocacy.  This aims at developing people who are aware of their rights and responsibilities as Filipino citizen and working towards making their community social responsive.

The following are the projects and activities in this component:

  1. Functional Literacy Project

          This project is being conducted once a week (every Saturday or  Sunday) by trained facilitators.  This provide the neo-literate men and women in the partner communities the opportunity to acquire basic and functional literacy skills to enable them to be in the mainstream of society. Volunteer teachers, students and trained para-teachers in the community assist, facilitate, and co-facilitate in the conduct of the activity.

  1. Barangay Literacy Workers (BLWs) Formation.

          The USI-CES organized a group of volunteers in the barangays called Barangay Literacy Workers (BLWs).  This group serves as bridge between the school and the family of children.  This group is the articulation that the community must have a role in literacy improvement.  The BLWs act as tutors of slow-learner, and help children complete their school assignment during the week-end.  They also coordinate with appropriate agency/groups to address literacy needs in the community. Faculty from different colleges help in the training of these BLWs.

  1. Pre-School Project (St. Louise de Marillac Learning Center)

          This is a project that leads to community empowerment.  The  USI-CES put up a community pre-school wherein the graduates of the Functional Literacy Programs act as teachers..  The center focuses on developing the children’s ability to tread, write and perform simple mathematical operations.  Value formation and Christian Living are also offered.  The center, with the help of different sectors of the university has computers, and mini-library.  They also give weekly feeding.

          The Early Childhood Education Department and the College of Teacher Education of the university is providing the continuing formation and training of the community teachers-volunteers.

  1. Accreditation and Equivalency Project

           This project is implemented in partnership with the DepEd and Naga City Local Government.  This program provide modular instruction to out-of-school youth and other residents in the community who are planning to the accreditation and equivalency test the DepEd is giving every February of the year.  The examinees who passed the test will receive high school completion certificate and are eligible to take college studies.

  1. Responsible Citizenship Seminars (Voter’s Education, Tax  Education, Women in Development)

          This project focuses on educating the community residents regarding their rights and responsibilities as Filipino citizen.  Voters’ education, tax education and other para-legal education activities are some activities that are being done in the partner communities.

  1. Advocacy Campaign

          This is the University’s effort to make people aware of the social issues and problems in the local, national and international level. Through this project, community education are done to make them realize their responsibilities to get themselves involved in bringing social and community issues to proper forum and agencies. The communities are now being involved in the university advocacy effort against all forms of gambling in Naga City.


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