The Teacher Education is a responsive learning program that provides quality, relevant, competitive and high standard pre-service Teacher Education Program to prospective teachers who are inner-directed Catholic-Vincentian and globally competent teachers committed to empowering learning communities.

          The Teacher Education Program of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel is committed to prepare prospective teachers with relevant learning experiences and competencies expected of an effective teacher for practice in the primary and secondary schools. The curriculum design includes components that address the basic and specialized knowledge and competencies that will be needed by a practicing professional teacher. Training is anchored, inspired and guided by the spirit, ideals, teachings and the way of life of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac that will allow students to understand the professional nature of teaching, promote global professional standards and contribute to nation building and social transformation.



The Teacher Education Program aims to:

  1. develop globally competitive professional teachers with distinct Christian-Vincentian personality marked by simplicity, advocates of the poor and commitment to the promotion of human dignity, solidarity and empowerment of a community of learners.
  1. provide quality, comprehensive, globally competitive and socially relevant curriculum and learning experiences designed for the total human and professional development of teachers.
  1. equip prospective professional teachers with knowledge and competencies needed in the practice of the teaching profession.
  1. provide prospective professional teachers with opportunities to acquire varied experiences related to the work of a teacher.

  1. contribute to nation building and social transformation through academic excellence and professional competence of prospective teachers.

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(6354) 473-8417/ 473-8451/
473-9954 loc. 125

(6354) 472-2871

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Enrolment for the Second Semester AY 2015-2016 Starts on October 26- November 3, 2015
Adding and Dropping Schedule starts on November 12-15, 2015
Teacher Education (TED) Educational Tour November 24-28, 2015