Student formation and development are the focal points of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel Student Development and Services programs and projects. In realizing our Vision-Mission and Goals, we seriously take into consideration the concept of student empowerment.

We believe in the Philosophy that not everything is learned in the classroom. In complementing the competency-based curriculum of this University, the USI Student Development Program aims to develop leadership vis-à-vis managerial skills of students, making them more competitive in the world of professionals. Moreover, we subscribe that the Holistic Formation or the Love of God, country and neighbor entails exposures of students in different areas of life such as spiritual, social, cultural and political panorama, with an end of forming them as Christ- centered and responsible citizens. Hence, the goals of our student formation programs are as follows:

  1. To produce inner-directed students who are capable of responding to the challenges of a Christian-Vincentian student life;
  2. To raise student leaders who are responsible, accountable, innovative and can demonstrate genuine Vincentian student empowerment;
  3. To create a holistic environment suitable for the successful pursuit of knowledge, and intensive training and exposure toward professional competence;
  4. To produce students who are Christ-centered agents and proactive catalysts of social transformation;
  5. To have a collaborative and meaningful partnership with the Academe in student formation and development;
  6. To produce students who are active partners of the Daughters of Charity in responding to the call for corporate social responsibility by addressing the concerns on Ecological Integrity, Primary Education, Poverty Alleviation, HIV Information Drive;
To establish strong, active and inter-dependent student service units that can efficiently and effectively respond to the spiritual, moral, social, psychological and academic needs of the students.

Student Leadership and Empowerment Programs

Universidad de Sta. Isabel takes pride in its programs for student leaders. The program hones them into becoming empowered service-oriented student leaders. The success of this program is manifested by the Central Student Government (CSG) officers' capacity to bring student concerns to the Administration, in the spirit of dialogue and institutional solidarity. As a partner of the Office of Student Affairs and Services, it has been the dynamic arm in sharing leadership concepts to the youth, in and outside of the University. The summer camp for the incoming freshmen before undergoing the official Orientation Seminar is one of the many development programs implemented to prepare students in their new environment and challenges of college life.

To achieve our goals, it is mandated that all students are members of one accredited school-based religious organization and one civic organization.

Supervision of Organizational Activities

The Office of Associate Vice-President for Student Development and Services supervises and regulates the operation of all the duly recognized and accredited student organizations through the Director for Student Affairs and in cooperation with the Central Student Government.

Student Organizations Privileges and Accountabilities

To teach student leaders or officers independence while inculcating a sense of accountability, each organization is given a semestral-prorated budget deposited under the name of the Central Student Government. In order to use their own budget, the organizations are required to present both project and budget proposals depending on the necessity and proximity of the project. At the end of every semester, all organizations are required to submit their documentation and financial statements of all accomplished projects and programs to the Central Student Government (CSG) who in turn is required to submit its respective accomplishment report to the SDS office. Under the principle of transparency, the CSG provides the community a grand financial statement and an over-all budget allotment/disbursement report for each organization. A copy is posted on a strategically positioned bulletin board at the main and Panganiban campuses.

Student Organizations are governed by their constitution and by-laws in accordance with University and the Central Student Government policies. They may be classified as accredited or recognized. A recognized status is given to a newly formed organization, which has complied with all the requirements for recognition. The same status may be given to an organization whose performance during the previous year did not merit the ACCREDITED status. An organization that does not earn the Accredited status for the second time will be automatically considered inactive.
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