BSFSIM Program Objectives



         The Bachelor of Science in Food Service and Institutional Management or the BSFSIM Program aims to provide students with business core foundation and professional courses that encompass Culinary Arts; Tourism; Hotel and Restaurant Management; Airline Services Management; Cruiseship Services Management; Food and Beverage Services Management; and Food Technology.

         The BSFSIM Students will be exposed to actual industry operations and practices through the Industry Immersion Program; Domestic Practicum Program; International Practicum Program; and Work and Travel Abroad Exposure Program. Like so, the students will go through Year-Level Skills-Enhancement Trainings that are integrated in the BSFSIM Curriculum such as Hotel Industry Familiarization Tour with Education Seminars in leading hotels of the country; Airline Familiarization Exposure Training; In-Flight Catering Services Exposure Training; and Extensive Shipboard Familiarization Exposure Training.

Specifically, the BSFSIM Program aspires to:

  • Provide venue for practical application of hospitality management;
  • Offer Skills-Enhancement Trainings that will develop students' proficiency, creativity, and innovativeness;
  • Inculcate the Vincentian Core Values substantial to hospitality and tourism industries; and
  • Establish linkages and tie-ups with other educational institutions and industry partners.


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