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We educate. We train. We coach. We expose.

Create. Believe. Excel.

Create... value-innovative opportunities toward one Vision;
Believe... in yourself and breathe in the righteousness of the Mission. Excel... Vincentianly with Core Values.



The College of Business Education of Universidad de Sta. Isabel envisions business students to be globally competent and empowered in order to become effective catalysts of Vincentian Values towards building a brighter future.


We, at the College of Business Education, commit ourselves to:

  • The pursuit of excellence in instructions and trainings for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies in various fields.
  • Engage both the students and faculty in conducting productive researches.
  • Provide Vincentian Formation to members of the CBE Family.
  • Involve members of the CBE Family in community extension services and advocacies for our brothers and sisters in poverty situation and care for Mother Earth.
  • Create an atmosphere that supports the realization of the Shared Mission.


Faculty Roster
Bachelor of Science in Food Service and Institutional Management (BSFSIM)
Full Time Faculty
1. Mr. Rumar M. Abaigar, MBM
2. Mrs. Dynah Grace P. Bordado, MBA
3. Mrs. Bernardita D. Dalisay, RND, MBA
4. Mrs. Jocelyn C. Magpantay, MAEd
5. Mrs. Sylvia O. Liao, MBA
Part Time Faculty
  6. Chef Michael Ian B. Bolalin, RND, MMu
  7. Mr. Roe Mendoza
  8. Bar Chef Marc E. Obrero, MMu
  9. Chef Gerald Garland M. Panghulan, MMu
  10. Mr. Michael C. Portuguez, MMu
  11. Dr. Virginia C. Reyes
  12. Mrs. Erlin A. Rodriguez, MM
  13. Mr. Gilbert Semilla
  14. Dr. Regina F. Valencia
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
  1. Ms. Ma. Charito B. Alverio, MM
  2. Dr. Adelaida A. Cajuday
  3. Mr. Harold N. Noga, MMu
  4. Mr. Angelo A. Singh, MBAu
  5. Dr. Cielo C. Viray
Part Time Faculty
  1. Ms. Corazon Arejola
  2. Ms. Crisola L. Lita
  3. Mrs. Nelia S. Saquillo, LLB.
  4. Mrs. Gregoria Jane P. Segumalian, CPA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSEntrep)
  1. Mr. Jose Abion 17. Ms. Lorie Quinto
  2. Ms. Charito Alverio 18. Dr. Nathalie Ranin
  3. Ms. Djohanna Bo 19. Mrs. Maricel Reburiano
  4. Mrs. Crisola Lita 20. Dr. Virginia Reyes
  5. Mr. Michael Del Rosario 21. Mrs. Erlin Rodriguez
  6. Mr. Antonio Gomez 22. Mr. Anton Romero
  7. Mrs. Ma. Divina Palma 23. Mr. Angelo Singh
  8. Ms. Aura Fe Laguardia 24. Mr. Mary Pauline Tenorio
  9. Mrs. Jonalyn Lanzuela 25. Ms. Clarivel Toledana
  10. Ms. Julie Manuel 26. Dr. Regina Valencia
  11. Ms. Florecita Marco 27. Dr. Cielo Viray
  12. Ms. Ines Merilles 28. Ms. Agnes Togño
  13 .Mr. Mark Nazarionda 29. Mr. Reynaldo Buhat
  14. Mr. Harold Noga 30. Mrs. Maria Cristal Velez
  15. Mr. Marc Obrero 31. Ms. Rachelle Labanta
  16. Mr. Michael Portuguez  
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(6354) 473-8417/ 473-8451/

(6354) 472-2871

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