BS Entrep Program Objectives



        The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship offered under the Marillac Alternative Program provides students with diversified learning experience that emphasizes the concepts, practices, and skills necessary for effective management of business enterprises as managers and social entrepreneurs in the business arena. In the thrust of service, the program is innovatively designed to give opportunities for the economically deprived working students a chance to pursue higher education in a socialized tuition fee scheme.

         This course provides students with hands-on experience at the Business Incubation Center and molds them to become Vincentian Business Leaders capable of responding to the needs of the region and the country. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Produce socially responsible social entrepreneurs through hands-on trainings, skills development and values formations at the Business Incubation Center;
  • Provide a venue for practical application of entrepreneurial activities;
  • Offer seminars, workshops, trainings and short courses that will develop students creativity and innovativeness;
  • Inculcate the Vincentian values of honesty, integrity, self-reliance, community orientedness and interpersonal charisma, necessary in the world of business; and
  • Establish linkages with other educational and business entities for an enriched curricula and business socialization.


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